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This free output-file comparison tool quickly analyzes and visualizes differences in your bioinformatic results. Check whether they're a perfect match, evaluate result-level concordance, and even compare them against truth sets to determine accuracy.
How does it work?
  1. Upload two or more files to compare. For example, VCFs from two versions of a variant caller, TSV outputs from two taxonomic classifiers, or a CSV list of variants and a VCF to compare against.
  2. Select or customize an appropriate parser for each file, or use the default one based on the filename. Drag both files into the comparison panel, and then use the reporting controls to quickly visualize the performance metrics, overlaps, and differences.
  3. Share your final results with colleagues privately or openly using link-based sharing.
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Benchtop provides ad hoc reporting solutions for research and open-source community users. For advanced reporting and high-throughput, automated, and data-integrated solutions, check out Miqa and the Magna Labs suite of products.
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